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What area to look for housing in Boston

By sarahfox302 - Aug 16, 2011, 4:13 AM
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Hello there,

My fiance and I are planning on moving to Boston. I'm trying to get an idea on what area to look. I'm living in Hawaii right now, but in the past several years I've lived in Florida, California, and 29 years in Minnesota. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I'm not moving there due to the materialistic bologna, and I don't want to stay in Hawaii, because it's too expensive, somewhat superficial, without seasons, and you're stuck on an island! I do not like living in a big city (he does, but I win on this one), especially growing up in the country in Northeastern Minnesota. We're looking for something that is more country feeling with space and people not all up in our stuff, quiet, laid back, family atmosphere, not too far away where we have to drive an hour to work. We are both early 30's, planning on starting a family soon, fun loving, and we have 4 pets(well, I do..haha), and we are hard working middle class. We will have to, initially, rent, then we want to buy. Any suggestions would be great, thank you in advance.

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