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Possible Boston bound?

By MLCarmen - Jul 29, 2011, 1:38 PM
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Currently I live in Yankton, SD... But I'm no country bumpkin. I grew up in Seattle, WA and have been in SD for two years now. I did what I need to here (find myself) and now I want to get out!!

Boston seems like a nice place from what I read; I know all places have both positives and negatives... I'm at a place in my life where any other of the 49 states is an option for me, but I'm having trouble picking one.

I have a hospitality background and am currently getting my Associates online through Le Cordon Bleu. Does one look for a job first before relocating or find a place to live? I'm single and have no kids, so a small studio or a room is fine with me. I don't need to walk into my dream job, but know I won't find it where I'm at (ever!).

I see this site doesn’t get much action and other relocation questions have gone unanswered so any insight is much appreciated.

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