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OK, gang, tell me why I shouldn't just shut this thing down

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Re: So you want to be a moderator?

By eeka - Nov 5, 2007, 10:16 PM
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More seriously, I'd start with:

* The post should have something to do with Boston or the surrounding area.
* Personal attacks on other participants are never allowed, and will be deleted without notice.
* Any discussion that appears to be going around in repetitive circles may be locked.

Well, Boston for the Boston forum. Other current events and relevant stuff for misc.

Yes, the personal attacks one is great. I think we should spell it out like you do in your Davis Square forum. No attacks on anyone's demographic membership and so forth. No making assumptions and attacking someone based on something the person hasn't actually said.

When debating clearly state whether each point is based on specific personal/professional experience, data that you've provided, or just a certain feeling you get about something.

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